Tours of South India and Sri Lanka

South India and Sri Lanka. . . steamy, spicy, voluptuous - these are lands that will weave you slowly and delightfully into a travel adventure like no other region in the world can.These are lands where you will meet and interact with a truly hospitable people from some of the worlds largest and oldest great faiths, lands where you will encounter and be mesmerised by cultures and traditions older than the early Egyptian Pharaohs, lands which will envelope you in luxury, healing and relaxation.Traditionally protected by distance and the military might of the southern Deccan kingdoms, the region has, over the centuries, been less exposed to Islamic invasions and other influences as the north of India. As a result, the ancient religious and political institutions the powerful dynasties – the Cholas, the Pallavas the Pandyas, and the Sri Lankan monarchy – developed here still hold sway over everyday life.

We invite you to discover our world, your way.
Our tour itineraries of Sri Lanka and South India are curated by some of the most acclaimed historians and academicians with a profound love for travel. We are expert travel partners; true cultural custodians with an unabashed love for the land.

We are locals of the region, and none can showcase South India and Sri Lanka like we can.

Tours led not merely by guides, but by expert Cultural Custodians

South India & Sri Lanka Holidays


From our guests

Lucy Cain

My Husband & I and our 8 year old son visited India for the first time. We reached out to a dozen travel companies but were most impressed how Indian Expeditions interacted with us.  We got immediate email response to our questions giving clear advice and information about the options available to us and were also offered a free tour place for our son. We chose the Essential South India journey.

The tour was absolutely fabulous and we got to see and experience so many things we definitely couldn’t have by ourselves. The itinerary itself is not rushed, and instead of trying to cram everything in, focuses on just the right things. We have a very hard time trying to pick out which day was the best – every day was just fantastic. Travel time is well thought off, the resorts we stayed in excellent, the food just incredible.

Chandan is a great guide and along with all his excellent historical knowledge about the places we visited gave us a wonderful insight into life in India.

I would highly recommend this tour.

Lucy Cain

Faith Augustus

An INCREDIBLY well organised trip, with an EXCEPTIONAL guide. Me and my two teenaged sons loved every minute of our adventure. And it was an adventure for sure – watching tigers in the wild, cooking with locals, helping out in a farm – just INCREDIBLE. My sons have learnt SO much from the trip and now want to pursue careers in history – that was how well the complex, ancient history of the region was bought alive to all of us on the Essential South India tour. We have been on many guided trips, but never enjoyed any as much as we did this one. Thank you Chandan and Indian Expeditions. You are all so wonderful. We will be back!

Faith Augustus

Dexter Maxwell

Indian Expeditions Comprehensive South India is most certainly an excellent way to travel and enjoy this wonderful part of India. It encompasses both the history and iconic religious sites to fantastic landscapes and getaways as well as allowing you to get close to the very friendly and interesting people who live there. You will be sure to both learn much of the fascinating country and be able to immerse yourself both in the vast history, present and the wonderfully diverse countryside and coastlines. A very well organised trip with an excellent group of travel companions.

Dexter Maxwell

John Trevor

An incredible trip, much better than we expected and without a doubt we have the best guide of all the trips we have ever been on – Seetharam.  The South India trip really has a brilliant mixture of history, culture, nature, beach and backwaters. I can’t believe we did and saw so much in this magical 14 days. The trip was extremely well organised from start to finish and the group we travelled with were all like minded and fun. We will keep coming back to do more trips with Indian Expeditions and recommend them to all my friends who’d like to visit India.

John Trevor

Brad Cooper

We had a fantastic time with Indian Expeditions and Chandan as our tour leader on a 14 day tour of the region. Chandan’s knowledge of the area and expertise were invaluable. On top of that, he was laid back and easy to talk to, all the while accommodating our unique expectations and special requirements as well as others in group. He also leveraged his connections to secure the best possible experiences everywhere we visited.
In contrast, we did use another company while we were in Northern India and they were not nearly as good. It seemed like their primary goal was to get us in front of the merchants that they probably get kickbacks from. Indian Expeditions was not like that at all. It was like having a group of local showing us around.

Brad Cooper

Before you travel

Trip Essentials

Indian Visa information
Indian Visa

All foreign nationals entering India are required to possess a valid international travel document in the form of a passport with a valid visa from an Indian Mission/Post or eVisa.

What to expect on a tour of South India
What to expect on
a tour of South India

South India, a land of vibrant culture, rich history, and diverse landscapes, promises an enchanting journey for travelers. What can you expect on a tour of South India?

South India’s Climate
South India’s

South India, with its diverse landscapes and geographical features, boasts a climate as varied as the region itself. What’s the really climate like?


Our guides

South India & Sri Lanka

Deepa Jayaraman

Deepa is an Indian classical dance artist and certified Yoga instructor. She brings alive ancient sculptures and temple art forms with engaging conversations.

Motorcycle & Wildlife Trip Lead

Jonathan McLeod

Johnathan loves riding motorcycles and spends most of his time on one. He leads our Motorcycle Tours.

Motorcycle and Wildlife Guide

Pradeep Sebastian

Pradeep focuses on wildlife education and outreach. He leads our wildlife programs and motorcycle tours.

South India & Sri Lanka

Hermie Mathias

Hermie has interacted with 1000s of travellers and has led many, many tours across South India.

South India & Sri Lanka

Seetharam VN

Seetharam is acknowledged as an expert in Indian architecture, sculpture, Indology and culture.

South India & Sri Lanka

Chandan Seetharam

Chandan leads many of Indian Expeditions trips, and has garnered raving reviews from almost all the guests he has led.

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